Sex During Pregnancy

Many couples get confused about whether to have sex or not when the wife is pregnant. Some fear that it may not be safe for their little baby. However, doctors have confirmed that if the wife is having a normal pregnancy the couple can continue having sex for the duration of the pregnancy until when her waters break. However, there are situations when the doctor may call for couples to abstain from sex in some parts of the pregnancy period or during the whole pregnancy period. This article discusses sex during pregnancy, and the best position to have sex when the wife is pregnant.

Is it Safe?

Having sex will in no way harm the baby. It is evident that the penis does not go past the cervix during intercourse. This shows that it cannot reach the baby. The baby is also surrounded by the amniotic fluid and a thick muscular uterus wall that protects the baby from shock. Any infection is also prevented from getting the baby by the mucus plug sealing the cervix.

When not to have Sex

There are different situations that sex during pregnancy is discouraged. First, if a woman is at the risk of having a miscarriage, it is good not to have any sex at any instance. It is also good not to have any sexual intercourse in case the woman is experiencing any vaginal bleeding, or cramping happening with no specific known cause. Other reasons include if the amniotic sac has ruptured and leaking of the fluid is taking place, and when the cervix has opened earlier than expected during the pregnancy. Also, consider checking on the position of the placenta. If it is too low in the uterus avoid having any sex as it can lead to miscarriage.

Recommended Sex Positions

For couples in the pregnancy period, there are different sex positions encouraged for them. This will include;
• Wife on top: here, the wife stays on top of his man. As a result, no pressure will be applied to her belly. She can also be able to control the speed of the act and the depth of vaginal penetration. In this way, one is assured of safe sex.

• Spooning: in this style, the couple lies side to side with each other. The man is usually at the back of the woman. This style allows for a shallow vaginal penetration

Having sex during pregnancy is safe unless when precautions have to be taken. However, whichever the sex position selected, no weight should be rested on the woman’s berry. This is why we recommend the above two sex positions.

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